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The Spring Family Circus presents with Anthem Brewing, Beer CIrcus! One ticket gets you a show and a beer, plus great vendors, and live music performed by the Grown Ups at 6Pm on Saturday. Not to be left out Oklahoma legend "Hosty" will be performing  on Sunday. Come join us for this fun event. All ages are welcome.


Presenting multiple events this year be sure to check them all out!

Upcoming Events


2023 OK TOUR

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We're so excited!

Meet the cast


Strongman Tulga
Log spinning, bowling ball juggling, partner acrobatics.

Born and raised in the Gobi desert of Mongolia, Tulga trained in traditional wrestling, acrobatics, and circus arts. After college, he traveled to America to perform in the historic Ringling Bros. Circus.

In a showcase of unbelievable strength, remarkable beauty, and inspirational endurance this strongman performs various feats using unbelievable objects. With his unique act, Tulga has performed around the world, won special prizes at the Golden Elephant International Circus Festival in Spain as well as performed on numerous TV talent shows around the world, America's Got Talent, Britian's Got Talent and more. 

Mr. Spring

Acrobat, hand balancing, hand-to-handacrobatics aerial straps

Mr. Spring blends acrobatics, hand balancing, and clowning into his signature acts.  He got his start as a highly trained gymnast from OKC. Mr. Spring found his way into acrobatic circus arts easily. He trained handstands in Chicago with MSA & Circus Arts. Then went on to work with a variety of shows over the last decade including Big Apple Circus, Dolly Parton's Smoky Mountain Adventure, and numerous circus families producing shrine circus, and more. 



Jemma Spring 
Flyer, Group Acrobatics, clowning 

Jemma Spring frequently joins her Dad, Mr. Spring in his balancing and clowning antics. Jemma is 8 years old. She loves to draw, play on the silks, and listen to Kids Bop kids Radio.


Natalie Abell
Hand balancing, hula hoops, acrobatics, and aerial rope.

Presenting: Self-described ever-evolving circus creature, Natalie Abell!  Power, playfulness, and emotional honesty are inspirations for Natalie’s work. She has been described as “strength incarnate", “visceral”, “joyful yet tender,” and even “a thug in pigtails.”   


Cory Perschbacher


Cory Perschbacher is an American composer, musician, and sound designer for film, television, and video games. He was born in Oklahoma City in 1985 and has been working professionally as a composer since 2010.


Josh Vest

The best Clown around

Named class clown every year since pre-k. Based in Virginia, Josh has worked with Omnium Circus, Royal Hanneford Circus, and Circus on Ice. His clowning acts are sure to bring you and your family the biggest smiles.  

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